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Book Scanner

A DIY Book Scanner can be used to digitize books.

For background see this:

They think every hackerspace should have one. So let's build one.


  • Choose a design or design our own
  • Assemble the materials
    • (We have two matching Kodak EasyShare C1450 cameras already)
    • Materials needed will be determined by the design, but will probably include:
      • Lights (I have some clamp-lights, need bulbs –Ron)
      • Wood
      • Misc. Hardware (Check the stuff we got from Ace)
      • Glass (plexiglass/high-strength glass/gorilla glass)
      • Power strip (we have lots of these)
  • Build it
  • Choose software
  • Test it
  • Scan books!



We should consider using “high strength” glass instead of plexiglass. (“High Strength” usually means it's thicker). There's also a long thread on “gorilla glass” here:

Also: consider using high-grade plywood instead of MDF (Check both Home Depot and Menards)

I'm all for using higher-grade materials, as long as it doesn't make the project cost-prohibitive. — Pete Prodoehl 2011/12/09 12:09

One design to consider:

Spreadsheet with bill of materials:

Here's an interesting new design, with files we may be able to cut on the CNC Router: Prodoehl 2011/12/10 12:21

Worth nothing, Ron has built a working book scanner and is now testing software. He's found some things that could use improvement, but it's definitely progress! — Pete Prodoehl 2012/01/15 10:52

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