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   * Sir John M.   * Sir John M.
 +===== Needs =====
 +  - Any computers that have about a duel core processor and or you know can run the artimis bridge project. Need them as cheaply as can be.
 +  - Sheets of plywood about 5\8ths in thickness to no more then 1/2" thickness they can be 6'​x4'​ or 8'​x4'​ or 4'​x2'​.
 +  - Any one willing to help on the project.
 +  - Monitors about 15"​-20"​ again need to be cheap and do not need the bases as we will be mounting them on the walls from the back side.
 +  - Might need about 4 keyboards and I think A joystick for the helms control works I will have to look more into that on if we can use one.
 +  - A main server that can serve 12-13 computers at a time.
 +  - Flat screen tv or projection screen and projector.
 +  - Ideas to make buttons that do little things to make it more realistic like red alerts and maybe some funny ones to like dont push this then it says this ship will self destruct in 10 seconds things like that.  ​
 +  - Ideas to make it more realistic looking also. 
 +===== Plans =====
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