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There's a ton of background info here:

The Milwaukee Makerspace took part in Spring Gallery Night 2012 and I needed something new to show, so I built this simple Arduino-based drawing machine.

It consists of two servo motors and an arm to hold a Sharpie marker. It's really that simple. The hardest part was the programming, but with all the art robots I work on, that's sort of the exciting part, and it can change each time.

Below I'll post updates to this project as they happen.

Update: 2012-12-19

I'm currently writing new code, as the original code was a bit sloppy. There's math involved. I find math a bit confusing.

Update: 2012-08-13

After the initial run of the Arc-O-Matic it was partially destroyed by gravity and a cat. We've taken the rebuilding opportunity to improve things, primarily by replacing the glue and tape with 3D printed plastic parts. There's a bit more info on it here:

Project Members

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