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**Social Events**

  • Attendance:
  • Budget:
  • Logistics:

Maker Faire Maker Welcome Party

2016 Details:

  • Attendance: ~50 people
  • Budget: Planned, $250. Actual, $260.
  • Details:
  • ~$90 on soda (4x 24-packs), wine (6 bottles), hard cider (2x 12-packs) (lots of wine leftover, some sode & some cider)
  • ~$120 on pizza (3 donated; 13 @ $7.50 (discounted)) (4x pepperoni; 4x sausage; 2x gyro meat (pork-free); 3x broccoli, artichoke, mushrooms, w/fresh garlic; 3x plain cheese; no pizza leftover)
  • ~$50 on ice (3x 20-lb bags), bagged snacks (4 large bags of chips/popcorn/Chex mix), 1 large vegetable tray (very little leftover)
  • Notes: Pick n Save accepted the MMS tax-exempt form at the checkout register; Pizza Shuttle accepted the MMS tax-exempt form via email
  • Donations:
  • Pizza Shuttle, 3 free pizzas + discount on additional (16-inch (Large) for $7.50 each)
  • Brenner Brewing, 2 cases of beer + 1 small keg (1.25 case & tons of keg beer leftover)
  • Milwaukee Home, 2x $10 gift certificates (raffled to attendees)
  • Logistics:
  • Need 1/4-sheet flyer promoting event to include in Makers' Maker Faire packets (deliver to MF producers the week before)
  • Need signage encouraging safe drinking
  • Need volunteers (MMS members) to clean up MMS prior to event (especially to remove garbage & recycling, crush cans if needed)
  • Need volunteers (MMS members) to verify age of guests prior to obtaining alcoholic beverages

International Games Day

2016 Details:

  • Attendance:
  • Budget:
  • Logistics:
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