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Signing a Potential Member's Application

Advice from members for when a potential new member asks you to sign their application form:

From Marcus

When I sign someone’s application:

  • I make sure they understand that we are a community and not a tool gym. We don't have any paid staff and people are expected to clean up after themselves etc.
  • Make sure they understand how training works and that our trainers are volunteers
  • Be willing to help them navigate the space upon joining and not mind them coming back to me when they have questions.
  • Overall make sure that they have a reasonably accurate understanding of what the Makerspace is or is not and what is expected of them.

From Pete

When someone asks me to sign their form I usually say “Sure, do you have about 10 minutes to talk?” and then we talk, and I find out more about them, I tell them about the space, and learn what they want to make, and if they have any special skills they can share with the group. It's also an opportunity to see if they can be a trainer, Area Champion, and let them know about Space Improvement Day.

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