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Makership Proposal

This page will be used to flesh out the idea of a Makership, similar to what LVL1 does:

(See also: and if you find other links of interest, please add them.)

(Everything below is subject to change… consider this a dynamic document.)


Milwaukee Makerspace is proud to be a part of Milwaukee and to provide a shared workspace where people can explore their passions in making and exploring things, whether it be art, technology, electronics, alternative energy, or rapid prototyping and fabrication. Our members are eager to share their skills and equipment with others, and we recognize that we learn better when we learn together, so we’re introducing a “makership” program, which will allow a local maker to become a full member though a sponsorship from the group.

What is a Makership?

A Makership at Milwaukee Makerspace consists of a full-time membership, which will give the awarded individual access to the space, its tools, and existing members. Besides helping the selected individual by sharing our skills and knowledge, we may be able to help acquire needed materials for proposed projects. The goal of our makership program is to give makers the things they need to get making!

We will award the makership to applicants who can put together the best pitch for (1) what they want to make and (2) how they plan to do it. The project could be anything from an electronic gadget, to an open source software/hardware project, to a citizen science project, a project which benefits the community or non-profit organization, or (hopefully) a project we haven’t imagined. We want Milwaukee Makerspace to be the place where these things are made! Milwaukee Makerspace makerships are open to anyone whom could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

Milwaukee Makerspace Makership Recipients Receive the Following:

A 3 month membership (cash equivalent value to $240 USD) at award start date. Member rights include:

  • An RFID key for 24 hour access to Milwaukee Makerspace.
  • Access to Milwaukee Makerspace equipment, such as our CNC Router, Laser cutter, woodshop, machine shop, electronics lab, welding equipment, etc.
  • Space at Milwaukee Makerspace to store a reasonable amount of equipment and materials.

Interested in Applying? [Link to application documents as seen below.]

Makership Application

Makership Eligibility

  1. All eligibility requirements as described in the Milwaukee Makerspace Eligibility criteria of the by-laws.
  2. Applicants must not be an existing member of Milwaukee Makerspace.
  3. Applicants must be a resident of the Milwaukee area for the duration of the makership.
  4. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by June 1st, 2012.
  5. Applicants must be a student currently enrolled in an accredited post secondary institution.

Review Criteria

To help guide applicants in their crafting of their application, review criteria and evaluation questions for judges are posted below. We expect to get applications that vary widely (and we encourage diversity in project topics and exploration) so please don’t feel that your application has to be strong across all criteria to be judged favorably. Judges will score proposals according to these criteria to determine which makership fellows are awarded.

  1. Personal Impact
    1. How significant a financial impact does the Milwaukee Makerspace Makership have on this applicant? After all, this is a need-based Makership.
  2. Makership Merit
    1. How important is the proposed activity to advancing knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields?
    2. How well qualified is the applicant to conduct the project? (If appropriate, the reviewer will comment on the quality of prior work.)
    3. To what extent does the proposed activity suggest and explore creative, original, or potentially transformative concepts?
    4. How well conceived and organized is the proposed activity?
    5. Is there sufficient access to resources?
  3. Social Good
    1. Does this project improve the world?
    2. Will the results be open and shared to enhance scientific and technological understanding?
    3. Does the project promote sharing, openness, decentralization and world improvement (as prescribed by Stephen Levy in The Hacker Ethic)?
  4. Coolness Factor
    1. Is it cool? (We do like to have fun, you know!)

Application Materials

Applications need to contain, at a minimum, the details below. There are no specifications on format, length, or detail contained within the documents, so it’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you include information for each of these four points. Please email completed applications to:

  1. Personal Statement
    Tell us a little about yourself, including your technical background as it relates to your makership proposal.
  2. Personal Impact
    How will receiving the Milwaukee Makerspace Makership and the resources it provides contribute towards your goals as a maker?
  3. Project Proposal
    Provide an overview of your project. What do you plan to do with your Makership?
  4. Project Timeline
    Create a project plan with milestones for your progress. Be as detailed as possible.


Q: Can people work in a group? what if 2-3 people work together for a great project? Would that be accepted even though the Makership goes to 1 person would you accept a group project?

A: Collaborate with as many people as you want. All we care about is that you utilize any resources you need to complete your proposal. The Makership is only awarded to 1 individual, and the applicant should write the project proposal from the perspective that s/he is the PI (principal investigator) on the project. However as a member, you will have a key for 24×7 access to the space and can have two guests as at a time (as outlined in our membership agreement) to assist you with your project.

Q: If I get stuck can I ask for other members help or will that disqualify me?

A: We encourage you to ask for help (from anyone, and at any point in the project) as the Milwaukee Makerspace holds as a core value the idea of collaboration. It's common for members to help each other out, and as a fellow member, we're here to help you out.

Q: Is there a limit on how much I can spend? If I find a company to sponsor me, but keep the final project open would that be allowed?

A: Nope, there’s no limit to how much additional funds you want to spend on the project. Spend as much of your own personal money or sponsored money as you need. Individual members may also be willing to help with funding or acquiring materials. (Some of us are quite skilled at acquiring materials!)

Q: Will the final project be taken apart for review of all internals or is it a work / fail project?

A: It’s a work / fail project. But if it works, we’d appreciate it if you show us how it works. Ideally, you will be dying to show us how it works, as well as write up instructions/information we could share with the world.

Q: Are there any limitations to size, power requirements, weight that must be met?

A: If your project requirements exceed what Milwaukee Makerspace can provide we’ll let you know pretty quick.

Q: Must the project be displayed onsite?

A: No, but your project proposal won’t score very highly if you don’t plan on sharing it with others.

If you have additional questions, please mail them

Makership Committee

The committee consists of the following members:

  • Pete Prodoehl
  • Brant Holeman
  • Jason Gessner
  • Joe Buck

The committee will be in charge of the initial review of all applications, and the process of choosing the applicant to be awarded the Makership.

The committee will present to the group the various applicants either during a weekly meeting or another scheduled meeting. We want feedback from everyone who is interested in the Makership program to have a voice.

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