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Instructables Build Night - May 2015

Raspberry Pi

We've been selected to receive the following from Instructables and Adafruit:

  • (5) Raspberry Pis
  • (5) Power supplies
  • (5) microSD cards
  • (5) Adafruit Perma-Proto HAT for Pi Mini Kit
  • (2) Adafruit Pi T-Cobbler Plus Kits

We'll need to publish at least two Instructables for projects that use the board and accessories

Remember, we need to publish Instructables! Once you publish one, please let me (Vishal) know so we can compile a list to submit. Publishing an Instructable is fairly easy, but if you need help, ask Vishal, Shane, or Pete.

Potential Projects:

  • Photo booth that we could use to take pictures of new members
  • Video game player
  • Training kiosk where you select and play training videos for the equipment at the space (videos not included)
  • Visitor self-registration that would display people's names on LED devices or monitors
  • Portable RFID reader
  • Motion sensor that would control a light or some other thing when people walked by
  • Interface device to control something from the internet
  • 2D plotter
  • Portable RFID reader
  • Surveillance robot
  • Weather station data logger
  • Anything else?

Interested Members:

  • Vishal R.
  • Chad L.
  • Akai
  • Ken B.
  • Mark R.

Here's what we did:

Blog Post:

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