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Help Chris Meyer and Sector67

Chris Meyer founded the first Madison Makerspace, Sector67, in 2010 and is its champion today. On the night of Wednesday September 20th, 2017, Chris was badly burned when a steel beam fell on a propane cylinder during renovations in their new building. Chris and Sector67 need our help!

Please visit the GoFundMe page for more information and to make a small donation:

To make a larger donation (GoFundMe takes 5%) please use the PayPal Giving page for Sector67 where PayPal covers all of the payment fees and 100% goes to Sector:

If you can't contribute money please consider contributing your time:

…or sharing a meal:

This comment (Update #1 from September 25, 2017) on the GoFundMe page is an excellent summary of recent events:

From John Neis and Chele Isaac:

I want to put forward a personal challenge to everyone in the community to step up with support for Chris and Sector 67 to help him overcome this latest obstacle to advancing his vision.

Sector 67 is a unique and important asset in this community. It goes far beyond providing access to a wide range of tools and equipment that are otherwise inaccessible, it is a support community for creatives, ranging from engineers to artists who enthusiastically share ideas, assistance and critique that helps innovations advance. Those of you who are members know this. For others in the community, please recognize the indispensable role they play in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This is a community that is the creation of Chris Meyer. He is an exceptionally talented individual with a tremendous breadth of knowledge and aptitude for problem-solving. He is eager to teach others, from kids to those with advanced degrees, delivered with his disarming grin, giving people confidence that they can do new things where they thought they lacked the skills or know how.

Chris and his wife, Heather Wentler, have made incredible sacrifices to make this community possible. My wife (Chele Isaac) and I have been in a unique position to observe those sacrifices. They have become like family to us, and given the circumstances, I am going to share a little more on a personal level than he might share.

I met Chris as an engineering student when Sector 67 was the third winning plan he pitched in a business plan competition on campus where I was a judge. Chele, an artist, was eager to be an early member. They had their wedding in our home. We started having monthly dinners that we called the Trouble Sessions to talk about the tasks at hand, but that became increasingly challenging because of dietary restrictions that began to plague both of them, especially Chris. We were concerned it was environmental, tied to construction in the building in which they were living. We split time between two locations, and our downtown Madison home is an old church with lots of room. So we suggested that they move into our home to see if the new environment would help, and they have lived there for the last year. We have now told them they can stay until the building project is finished and Chris is healthy. It has given us a perspective others don’t always see.

Chris has been amazingly focused on securing the future of the community he created by buying the building to create a permanent home. He is achieving it without debt, the generosity of donors, and a ton of sweat equity. A ton. He leaves the house before 8 AM and usually returns around midnight. He works seven days a week and hasn't taken a vacation since forever. The old church is big enough where you might not know someone is there, but he is never there except to sleep or help us. He draws the minimum in compensation to survive until he can achieve his plan for the new space. He is relentlessly focused on his plan where he and the business can thrive and is executing on it. He has had a lot of volunteer help from his members, but it not enough. He a private person, and it is never about him. He has been thankful for the support he receives and doesn't complain about how he has to do the rest to stay on schedule. However, it was too much. Chris is working towards a deadline for a move, and was too often working alone in the new building. That obviously can't and won't continue. We need to make sure he can afford the help that he has lacked the resources to hire.

Heather, Chele and I arrived at the emergency room together to escort him up to the burn unit. We immediately knew how lucky we were to see him alive, conscious, and coherent. He will get through this, but it is going to be a long tough journey and he needs your help now more than ever.

Here is my challenge to you. Let’s blow away the $50,000 goal of this fund drive. We really need to raise more to complete this project, while allowing Chris to focus his attention on getting healthy. Every dime will be put to good use. Chele and I are giving $25,000. Surely you can collectively match our gift. Better yet, surprise us by collectively increasing our gift four to sixfold. Sector 67 is a 501©3 so your gift is tax deductible. Channel your inner Chris and consider what you are capable of doing, and then do far more. Chris will make you proud to be part of something special.

Sincerely, John Neis and Chele Isaac


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