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Gallery Night

This page will serve as a generic placeholder for the “next” Gallery Night.

(That means information may change frequently depending on which event it's for.)

The next Gallery Night we're involved in will be Bay View Gallery Night on Friday, September 28th, 2012 at the (brand new!) Alterra at 2301 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (See on Facebook.)

Here is the email I got from Jen Funk at Made in Milwaukee:

Subject: Artist Info for BVGN: Alterra Location

Bay View Gallery Night is just around the corner! Here is some pertinent information you need to know about showing your work at the Alterra location on September 28th.

Load In: 2-4:30pm
Upon arrival check in with me, or an MIM volunteer. We will show you to your space. Load in will be at the Alterra parking lot driveway on Howell. You may not drive your vehicle into the lot, so please bring your own carts/dollies/etc. As soon as you are done unloading your car, please go park your car elsewhere to allow for others to get close while unloading. If you don't move your car within a reasonable amount of time, I'll come by and school you about it and give you 3 minutes to move… Nicely of course. :)

Event Starts At: 5pm sharp! Be ready by 5. Event Ends At: 10pm.
Please pack up promptly and leave no garbage behind. Alterra has dumpsters in the lot for you to use, so please do.

Electricity: Please bring your longest extension cord and a power strip. Be prepared to share with your artist neighbors as we build our village together.

Minimal lighting please, and anything that runs on batteries is great too. We have VERY LIMITED access to power.

Booth Spaces: Are 10×10 (Milwaukee Makerspace is 10×20). As you build your tent, please move it right up against your neighbor's tent - we have A LOT of people to fit in.

Weather: This event will be amazing, rain or shine! Bring blankies, sweaters, and of course, windproof and weigh down your tent so it doesn't fly away.

Promotion: brochures and posters are being plastered all over this city! We will also have radio time among other fun promos going on.

Please invite everyone you know to Alterra, via our event page on facebook:

What do we need?

  • Tables (Pete, Brant, MattN)
  • Chairs (if you want to sit)
  • Tent (MattN)
  • Tarps (?)
  • Extension cords (I've been told we will try to be a priority for electricity.)
  • Power strips
  • Lights (low-power… battery-operated? lanterns?)
  • Light stands (Pete)
  • Projects (everyone!)
  • Makerspace shirt
  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Banner/Sign/Flags (?)

And whatever else is on the Event Checklist.

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