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Flickr Groups

I just wanted to point out a few cool Flickr groups.

As you should know, we've got a group here:

and while completed projects should go on our site, in our Project Gallery, the Flickr group's pool is a great place to put photos of projects in progress, as well as people and stuff that happens at the space.

And remember, you can always link back to our site in the photo description if it makes sense to do so. :)

Of course there's the MAKE pool. If MAKE notices it, they may put it in their weekly roundup:

Adafruit fans, add your Adafruit stuff to the Adafruit pool!

For you SparkFun folks, there's this group:

If it's space related, maybe the Hackerspaces group would make sense:

Got a Hackerspace Passport? There's a group for that:

Did you use the MakerBot, did make something cool?

Here's a few more:

And as for taking better photos, there's a great write-up on the Adafruit Blog:

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