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Dangerously Cold Weather Preparation List

The following is a list of things to do to prepare for EXTREME COLD WEATHER at the space:

  1. Please DO NOT park in the lot during plowing. It takes longer for them to plow and causes members to have to shovel more. We have already lost 1.5 parking spaces because of cars in the lot during plowing. Let's not lose any more.
  2. The bathroom walls are exterior walls. The toilet drains closest to the wall might freeze. Please check that the toilets flush BEFORE you use them.
  3. The gutters are full of snow and ice. If you notice ice building up on the sidewalks or in front of the garage door, please take care of it. There is salt near the craft lab entrance. The ice will be harder to remove when it's really cold
  4. The sinks in the entry way have pipes on the exterior wall. Check the temperature of the wall and if it's too cold, open the taps a small amount to let the water flow. Check the drains periodically to make sure they haven't frozen. If things get too cold, we can shut off the water on the north wall and fully open the taps to let any frozen water expand without damaging the valves.
  5. The water main is near the craft lab entrance. It probably won't be a problem, but it wouldn't hurt to check the temperature of the wall near it and above the ceiling tiles if the pipes go up there. If it gets too cold, turning up the fan near it and taking out a ceiling tile might help.
  6. Check all of the furnaces to make sure they are generating heat. The circuit breaker IDs are on placards near the furnaces. There are light switches on each that turn them on and off. Make sure they are on. There are 7 furnaces in the space:
    1. Two in the main entry way
    2. Two in the east room near the 3D printing area
    3. Craft lab in the ceiling by the entrance to the meeting room
    4. Meeting room by the food refrigerator
    5. Vault hall entrance has a heater on the ceiling

Phone numbers for who to contact in emergencies should be posted by all of the entrances. If you see something that needs immediate attention and don't know how to do it, please call someone on the list.

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