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Event Information

Date: Friday, June 2, 2017 Time: Doors open to the public @ 5pm; close @ 10pm

More information to come re: floor plan / layout


  • Show and/or Sell Things you Make:
    • name, member/non-member, any special requirements (eg power outlet, not near flammables, etc)
    • Kendra, Member, Needs a table (sell) (maybe)
    • Danielle, Member, Needs a table (sell)
    • Karen Pauli, member, needs a table (sell)
    • Kait, non-member (member: Shane), needs a table (sell)
    • Pete Prodoehl, member, Need a power outlet (show - Raster's Machines of Whimsy and Wonder)
    • Josh Zimmerman, member (show - Crazy Circuits)
    • Bob, member, R2-D2 (show)
    • Michelle, non-member (member: Pete P), Pathways High, need a power outlet (show)
  • Demos:
    • name, area of MMS, cleared w/champion?
    • Tony, “how to solder”, Electronics Lab
    • Bill Williams, member, Metal Shop (breaking in surface grinder bearings)
    • Kathy H, making pasties, Craft Lab
    • Brant, button-making, Craft Lab
    • Mark, 3D printing, 3D Print Area
  • Give Tours:
    • Kathy Hughett
    • Karen Pauli
    • Brant
  • Help With Set Up:
    • name, date/time available (any time Mon, May 29 - Fri, Jun 2)
    • Danielle
    • Kendra
    • Pete, Friday
  • Help With Tear Down:
    • name, date/time available (Fri, Jun 2 - Sat, Jun 3)
    • Karen


  • Punch
  • Fritos (no popcorn)
  • Cookies
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