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Makerfest/Maker Faire Discussion 2

January 7, 2014


Brant, JimK, Colleen, AdamC, DL, ScottS, TomGz, Lexie, Lance, MikeC, KathyC, Carrie


  1. Recap
  2. Names/Brands
    1. Retaining or using Makerfest
    2. Who “owns” Makerfest?
    3. What are our goals?
      1. Make makers? Inspire others?
      2. Community awareness?
      3. Goals will vary from person to person
      4. Money and bodies through the gate?
      5. How important are certain aspects to us?
        1. What if Summerfest said no to Power Wheels?
        2. PG or G ratings? Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, adult content, etc.
  3. Summerfest
    1. Milwaukee World Festival, 501c3 that runs festivals and facilities
    2. Things we don't want to worry about
      1. We are hoping others take care of these items
      2. Parking
      3. Trash
      4. Food and drink
      5. Logistics
      6. Taxes? Sales tax?
    3. Things we do care about
      1. Assuming we handle the content, curators
      2. Bring in other makerspaces, people we know and want to exhibit
      3. Our events, our projects
  4. Scheduling and Dates
    1. Bad dates
      1. Detroit end of July
      2. Try to avoid August and
      3. September 5-7 Asian Moon Festival
    2. Good dates
      1. September 13 or 20?
    3. Lead time with Maker Faire?
      1. 6 or 9 months?
    4. How much time do we need for loading in and setup?
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