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 +Attendees: MikeC, KathyC, TonyW, ColleenW, TomGz, AdamC, BrantH, KarenP
 +Recap by Kathy 
 +Summerfest Grounds discussed as possible venue
 +Parking, security, ticketing, etc. handled by them
 +Allows us to focus on making and content
 +Summerfest seems more interested in ticket sales, not sales from vendors
 +Summerfest has given grounds away pro bono before, would they for us?
 +Involve others/big vendors, corporate displays, etc. as long as small makers not pushed out
 +They were impressed with what MMS did in 2013
 +Scheduling - Pick a date
 +May - Bay Area, CA
 +June - Kansas City, MO
 +July - Detroit, MI
 +Sept - NY, end of Sept
 +Possibly ours
 +First week of Sept?
 +Regional pull for attendees/exhibitors
 +Wisconsin groups
 +Chicago possibly
 +Is being associated with Maker Faire itself a necessity?
 +Kathy and others 
 +Will help with promotion
 +Mike thinks 
 +MakerFest/Maker Faire as brands 
 +Advantage of our property, we control it
 +Disadvantage of we have to do it all from scratch, ourselves
 +Are Maker Faire rules too confining?
 +What could we want to do that might be an 
 +Selling a "consistent" experience? 
 +Maker Faire now its own, not part of O-Reilly Media
 +Mike and Kathy both view MakerFest or Maker Faire as good for community and education
 +Bigger impact, faster and easier, if we're part of Maker Faire
 +BBCM and others believe a Milwaukee Maker Faire is in 
 +Has anyone from Discovery World spoken to Maker Faire?
 +Discovery World, Art Museum and others should definitely be invited 
 +Deal breakers
 +Must be accessible, not exclusive
 +We are open to ways to achieve this
 +Make it affordable to the public and makers
 +Individual makers emphasized
 +Public can attend, affordable admission
 +A reasonable amount of corporate involvement, not too much
 +Possibly make free tickets/complimentary/discount tickets
 +Next Steps
 +Do we want to meet with Summerfest Grounds people? 
 +Yes, let's meet
 +If so, when?
 +A Tuesday night possibly? January 7th?  Kathy to contact Summerfest 
 +Location TBD
 +Who wants to be involved?
 +Fern and Carrie want it to happen, not necessarily to run it themselves
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