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Attendees: MikeC, KathyC, TonyW, ColleenW, TomGz, AdamC, BrantH, KarenP

Recap by Kathy Summerfest Grounds discussed as possible venue Parking, security, ticketing, etc. handled by them Allows us to focus on making and content Summerfest seems more interested in ticket sales, not sales from vendors Summerfest has given grounds away pro bono before, would they for us? Involve others/big vendors, corporate displays, etc. as long as small makers not pushed out They were impressed with what MMS did in 2013 Scheduling - Pick a date Out May - Bay Area, CA June - Kansas City, MO July - Detroit, MI Sept - NY, end of Sept Possibly ours August? First week of Sept? Regional pull for attendees/exhibitors Wisconsin groups Chicago possibly Is being associated with Maker Faire itself a necessity? Kathy and others Will help with promotion Mike thinks MakerFest/Maker Faire as brands Advantage of our property, we control it Disadvantage of we have to do it all from scratch, ourselves Are Maker Faire rules too confining? What could we want to do that might be an Selling a “consistent” experience? Maker Faire now its own, not part of O-Reilly Media Mike and Kathy both view MakerFest or Maker Faire as good for community and education Bigger impact, faster and easier, if we're part of Maker Faire BBCM and others believe a Milwaukee Maker Faire is in Has anyone from Discovery World spoken to Maker Faire? Discovery World, Art Museum and others should definitely be invited Deal breakers Must be accessible, not exclusive We are open to ways to achieve this Make it affordable to the public and makers Individual makers emphasized Public can attend, affordable admission A reasonable amount of corporate involvement, not too much Possibly make free tickets/complimentary/discount tickets Next Steps Do we want to meet with Summerfest Grounds people? Yes, let's meet If so, when? A Tuesday night possibly? January 7th? Kathy to contact Summerfest Location TBD Who wants to be involved? Fern and Carrie want it to happen, not necessarily to run it themselves

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