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 +Kathy C
 +Tom Gr.
 +Introductions of individuals at the table
 + - Alexia - Event Coordination, and cattle prodding people
 + - Lance - Volunteer Coordinator
 + - Jim - 3D printing and helping with the fest in general
 + - Mike- Betty Brin Children's museum 
 + - Carrie - Betty Brin Children's museum 
 + - Kathy - Betty Brin Children's museum 
 + - DL - Safety Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator Assistant
 + - Scott - Helped
 + - Brant - President of MMS, and helped when possible
 + - Colleen - helped Alexia with Event Coordination and assisted where possible
 + - Adam - Organized the event (with assistance)
 + - Tom Gr - represented the owners of the building, and handled the Power Wheels events, had contacts for printing posters and t-shirts, and the electric car club 
 +Recap -
 + - Summerfest Grounds would like to host in 2015, so why not do a smaller version at Summerfest grounds in 2014.
 + - They want to make sure it's a huge marketing splash
 + - We need to come with them with dates that we want
 + - We will be going with the Maker Faire people 
 +The idea is that if Summerfest people work on the facilities portion of this
 + - Ticket sales
 + - Physical logistics
 + - Etc… 
 +We can concentrate on content and making things cool
 +What is the numeric expectations for the SF grounds.
 + - They are ok with this being a smaller event to start with
 + - They are not asking for people or dollar commitments up front to start with
 + - There are financial obligations for the Maker Faire moniker
 + - Fees - or cuts for the whole thing
 + ○ They will do it as a percentage of the ticket sales
 + ○ Their vendors will be able to see food a the fair
 + - What is the Maker Faire fascination?  
 + ○ Regionally this may make it stronger
 + ○ They will provide some marketing
 + ○ They will broadcast it
 + ○ It is a brand name thing and recognition
 + - Is there a way to say this is a "Makerfest brought to you by Maker Faire"
 + ○ This is a question we need to ask the Maker Faire people to see if this will fly
 + ○ Let them know what we want to retrain and why we want to go this route
 + ○ Adam - doesn't agree that it is worth it to go with Maker Faire
 + § Cost 
 + § Do they bring much to the table past advertising to the Maker Community that follows them?
 + ○ It will help, they do have a good penetration with the Maker Community
 + § We want to penetrate the markets we know that we will get
 + § These are not the only avenues that are out there that we can focus on
 + § We need to identify what markets we want to focus on as primary targets and go for them
 + ○ Summerfest will scatter shot to get as many people to come to the festival grounds and see this
 + ○ The Summerfest people may have some reservation on the Maker Faire idea --> Should we go with Maker Faire or continue with the Makerfest branding
 + ○ Milwaukee World Festivals Incorporated seems to own all the festivals names
 + § We may not really own this, and need to check if we can get this name
 + § Do we want to fight for this name or relinquish it 
 + - SFG knows that they cannot make the festival go, they are providing the physical location and administration, and assistance with marketing
 + ○ They are excited and want to diversify their audience
 + - Who Owns the Makerfest?
 + ○ The Milwaukee Makerspace technically owns it because they came up with it
 + ○ But really what would it be broadcasted as?
 + § Milwaukee Makerfest brought to you by the Milwaukee World Festivals in partnership with Milwaukee Makerspace and Betty Brin's Children Museum 
 + - How do we deal with bad weather - 
 + ○ They do have a building or two that can be used
 + ○ It is outside, but they do have partitions that can be put up
 + ○ There is always concern with the later the festival is in the year with weather
 +What do we really want?
 + - Fundamentally 
 + ○ Convince the world that they don't have to buy everything
 + ○ Show them how you can make neat things
 + ○ Bring people who make it together
 + ○ Bring like minds together
 +Concern -
 + - Will our goals line up with them
 + - SFG will obviously want to bring bodies in the door and make money ultimately
 + - What do we want - what we do and what our goals will affect future Makerfests
 + - Sponsors and getting sponsorship from outside companies
 + ○ Who do we want and what do we want to sponsor
 + ○ What will the BBCM want to have and not have as sponsors
 + ○ The SFG are in for a ride and know this
 + - They want opportunities to present to their loyal sponsors 
 + ○ There are groups that will be able to approach that they normally wouldn't want to sponsor a stage for a music festival.
 + ○ New opportunities
 + - Jim - Perhaps it would be wise for a board to own the event that would span multiple groups, so that control and ownership would not be in the hands of one group
 +Who is responsible for what? (division of duties)
 +Adult Content
 + - Alcohol
 + - Tobacco
 + - Nudity 
 +We need to know what our do's and don'ts are for this event
 + - What will we not allow
 + - What will we allow
 + - Guidelines
 + ○ Need to be acceptable for the groups involved
 + ○ Idea - be more assertive in what we want, and not just use Maker Faire or SFG
 +We need to talk about dates that we can do this.
 + - September 13 or September 27 are the best dates
 + ○ The 13th is better
 + ○ They have the first weekend booked for September
 + - The timeline for Maker Faire for application is minimum is 6 months. They don't like that. 
 + ○ They want 9 months
 + - Primary Choice is September 13th & 14th
 + - Secondary Choice is September 27th & 28th
 + - Do we do 1 day or 2 days
 + ○ 1 day for Mini Faires typically
 + ○ 2 days for Larger Faires
 + - It may be better that for now we stick to 1 day
 +How do we deal with set up for people?
 + - With a two day festival it is typically one to two days before the festival
 + - Take down is a day or two afterwards
 + - Security for the vendors
 + - Do we need indoor space for vendors (or tent space)
 + - The Craft Population
 + - The Artist population
 +Cost for vendors and makers
 + - How do we do this?
 + - Sponsorships to subsidize the cost for vendors and makers (who are just showing)
 + ○ Many of our vendors only made 1000 or less
 + ○ People showing has to be free if they are not selling
 + ○  The cost for the maker-sellers for entry as a 'booth' 
 +Are we cool with not getting paid for curating the event
 + - Do we want to have a goal of funds and money that we want
 + - What are our financial goals
 + - We need enough revenue to cover our costs
 + - Barriers for power wheels 
 + - How much do we have to pay and what is SFG covering 
 + - We need to know what we want $$$ 
 + - This has to be on the table when we go to the SFG
 +We need to have a conversation with Don and the SFG people about what their expectations
 + - Example - tickets were $5.00 for people 13 and over
 + - Avnet
 + - Exacta Staffing
 + - American Science and Surplus (soft of)
 + - Mike Davey (discounts on printing and shirts)
 + - Individual members
 + - Donation Boxes 
 + - Harbor Freight 
 +Are there any lines in the sand that SFG has in regards to what they won't negotiate in regards to the event.
 + - And example MIGHT be: "NO weapons will be seen, talked about, hinted on, or displayed in any form"
 + - Who takes care of it
 + - How much do we need
 + - Who takes care of it
 +What are our goals and mission of Milwaukee Makerfest overall
 +Who are our key people who should represent the group and make decisions
 +3 or 4 people from each group who will keep in mind our key goals when representing the group
 +Next Steps - 
 + - Come up with goals and a mission statement for the festival
 + - Who are the key representatives
 + ○ MakerSpace and Makerfest
 + ○ This is something the MakerSpace needs to talk about internally to ensure it's longevity 
 + - What is our direction (ultimately)
 +Time Frame for the meeting with SFG 
 + - That will help move things forward
 + - If the dates are available, will they jump on it?
 +How long to determine the core representative for Milwaukee Makerspace/Makerfest
 + - Next week Tuesday, we should have this set
 + ○ Representatives
 + ○ Direction / goals / mission 
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