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My name is Steven. I like nerd things.

I like wikis. See also my previous wiki projects Wookieepedia: and Futurepedia:

Tusken Raider (Sand Person) Build

Remaining things to work on

Gaferffii or gaffi stick (see repair/replacement, two options:

  1. Use bondo to fill in existing open spike portion of gaffi stick to create solid spike
  2. Create new spike from scratch; use wood, Jon may be able to assist

To do

The Moment for War Doctor, 50th Anniversary Episode "Day of the Doctor"
  • Comprises of six wooden square-shaped panels that interlock to create a cube. Each panel has a different pattern. Circular Gallifreyan may make up at least one of the panels
  • Panels and panel insets can be cut out using the laser cutter
  • Need training on the laser cutter for this purpose
Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters (2016)
  • Comprises of a metal cylinder that opens up with two doors at top
  • Doors are opened by pressing foot pedal that ejects from side of trap
  • Interior of cylinder is a soul-sucking containment field
Johnny 5
  • To be continued…
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