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Sharkstation One

Initial construction underway, final design revisions being made


Sharkstation One is meant to be a custom-built PC gaming desk with extremely high-spec gaming computer system located underneath the windowed surface of the desktop, with structurally integrated sound dampening achieved by reusing as much of the scrap material from the construction of the outer shell and interior structure.

Bill of Materials

Part Desc Vendor Part Nbr Qty Unit Cost Total Cost
MDF, 4'x8'x0.5“ Home Depot 2 $18.57 $37.14

Project Tasks

Task Status
Finalize design Complete

Progress Log

Sunday, 6NOV2016: preliminary designs begun.

Friday, 11NOV2016: primary material sourced, cut roughly to size at Home Depot.

Saturday, 12NOV2016: Design minutiae finalized. Top and bottom panel cut to final size of 60 inches wide by 30 inches deep. Outside-edge route of top panel completed. With assistance and some input from wood shop champion Bill, inside cuts for glass pane inserts completed. Laughs and anecdotes also shared.

Friday, 19NOV2016: Outer front panel cut to size and marked for inside cuts. Outer side panels cut to size and marked. Top panel routed to create ledge for glass panes.

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