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Sam Laturi a.k.a StormCloak

I've run the gambit of service, sales, and IT jobs in my life which has culminated into being the IT manager for one of the major health care companies in Wisconsin. I combine my customer service skills (rare in the IT world) with years of IT experience and mix in a degree in management to lead one of the most efficient IT departments around.

So, that pays the bills but…

Blacksmithing is my life! I have been smithing since 1996 and can never get enough. The hardest part is finding a forge to do it in!

For me, the idea of combining the four ancient elements into an object that will be around long after I am gone fills me with a sense of wonder and excitement.

For the last six years, I have been a volunteer at Camp Timberlee in East Troy, WI. I have had the pleasure of not only learning blacksmithing from Greg Meeker, a 43 year blacksmith veteran, but also giving blacksmithing demonstrations to thousands of children from kindergarten through college.


  • Blacksmithing!
  • IT stuff: Computer Hardware Teardown and Repair, Networking, SQL query, remote access solutions, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, blah, blah, blah
  • Graphic Art and Design
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Entrepreneurial Consulting


  • Blacksmithing!
  • CNC Machining
  • Alternative energy generation

More to come!

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