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 ===== Bio ===== ===== Bio =====
-I'm an all around geek who enjoys reading science fictionalternative historymysteries, technical journals ​and watching movies of all sorts. I like to mess around with foreign languagesand even play with my native English once in a while. German ​is my favorite and I wish I spoke it better. ​+was born in Milwaukee and raised running the roads from Southeast Wisconsindown to Louisiana, and over to Grayson County Texas. I have to specify the county in Texassince the county ​is as large as Wisconsin!! LOL
-was born in Milwaukee, but I'​ve ​also lived in New OrleansSherman Texas, and Ontonagon Michigan. I went to Whitnall ​and Sherman High school +I'm mostly a Wisconsinite though! ​I'​ve ​worked on a dairy farma dairy, and two breweries, so it doesn'​t get much more cheeseheaded than that!  
 +Because of my long hours in the Finishing department at Miller Brewing, I don't get to the Makerspace as much as I'd like toBut, have big dreams. 
 +I'd like to make a high power rocket to launch, a submersible,​ a mini library with a hidden geocache, beehives, a coffee roaster, a brewhouse, ​and whole bunch of other things
-I've taken a lot of classes at technical schools in the area, just to acquire certain skills that interest me, but I've never pursued a degree or certification. ​ 
 ===== Contact Info ===== ===== Contact Info =====
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