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Milwaukee born and raised, married with 3 kids that i know about. I currently live on the north west side of the city and have been making for as long as i can remember. Im a mechanical pretengineer and programmer by trade.

Contact Info

Email Please add “makerspace” to the subject line so my filter knows what folder to put it in, avoids me having to look thru my junk folder.

Website NewTerra Studios Site is WHIP ill get to it some day.


  • Woodworking
  • AMF (Additive manufacturing, 3d printing)
  • Anything with springs, pulleys, levers, mechanisms and so on
  • Electronics are fun but frustrating
  • Rockhounding and polishing my findings
  • Cooking…. MMmMmMMmmmm food….
  • Programming


  • Programming C, C#, VB, .net, Java and some others
  • Woodcrafts/Wood working
  • Mechaniacal & Architectural Design

Current Projects

  • My Custom 3D Printer and devices for them
    • Remote Filament Feeder
    • Multi-Head tool carriage
    • Bed probing tool
  • Rebuilding my Viking Pop-Up camper
  • Turning my children into productive members of society
  • Currently learning the dark art of CMM Inspection/GD&T at work

Project I've given up on or completed

  • 3D Printing
    • Remote Filament Feeder
  • Turning my children into productive members of society

Up Next

  • Finish something
  • Learn more about electronics
  • make some cool stuff

Links Worth Sharing

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