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 +====== Welcome to the wonderful and exciting profile of Jack Driscoll!! ======
 +{{ :​members:​jackd.jpg?​200|}}
 +That's me over there on the right, enjoying a Panda Ride in Gary, IN.  I have a diverse array of interests, ready to deploy at a moment'​s notice. ​ Some of these include BioFuels, scrapping and salvaging, electronics,​ computers, drinking, and DIY everything. ​ I'm a "​computer professional"​ by day, mad scientist by night, and imagineer all day long.  So hop on board a panda and join me on the wonderful and surreal planet we call Earth.
 +My most major-est project right now is [[projects:​ambulance|"​Emergence"​]],​ which is what I'm calling this 1988 Horton Type III [1] Ambulance I picked up in 2010.  I've got some plans for it, and I'm interested in hearing yours, too.  I'd like it to be OTT AWESOME. ​ I'm planning on putting in a decent stereo, some sweet lighting, and a portable WVO processing rig with a modified fuel system. ​ BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.  It's also a work truck, a community asset, and who knows what else?  Pitch your ideas, lend a hand, and let's see where we can take it (and it can take us).
 +[1] A [[http://​​site/​ambulances.html|Type III Ambulance]] is a van-type cutway (cab on chassis) with a "​module"​ mounted on the chassis behind the cab.
 +Credit for the photo goes to Dante Smith.
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