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Name: Glen Murie

Reason for joining: Because my neighbor would be justified in lynching me if I used nasty glues, solvents, and paints that would make it into our shared living spaces. I'm helping my daughter with cosplay projects, and to be honest I'm as interested in the hobby as she is.

Current Projects:

  • Magnus the Red costume for my daughter
  • 40K Black Legion Schoolgirl costume also for my daughter
  • Miniature Painting and wargames terrain

Areas Most Used:

  • Paint booth
  • Leatherwork area
  • Woodshop (prop weapons can be fabricated from poplar)
  • Craft Room/Costume room.

Stuff I want to learn:

  • Electronics for rigging LEDs in both wargames terrain and costume props.
  • Getting better at 3D printing. I have a Dremel 3D45 at home, but I've had as many bad prints as good. Learning the hard way that you need to keep some materials super dry, and that low res prints burn up the time you saved with faster print with extra time and work to smooth the damned things out, for example.

What do you do for a living: IT Consultant specializing in Document Management solutions; specifically Laserfiche. A bit of CSS, a bit of SQL, a bit of Javascript, a lot of regex and Windows Server administration stuff.

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