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 ===== For the volunteer ===== ===== For the volunteer =====
-      * Know what you'​re ​getting into +      * Do what you say you'​re ​going to do 
-      Ask questions!+          Your role may not be glamorous or fun, but it's necessary and appreciated 
 +          * You made a commitment and a promise, see it through  
 +          * Just because you're not getting paid doesn'​t mean the quality of your work doesn'​t matter ​
       * What is expected of you?       * What is expected of you?
           * Do you need any supplies?           * Do you need any supplies?
           * Training?           * Training?
 +          * Ask questions!
       * Where will you be?        * Where will you be? 
           * Indoors or out?           * Indoors or out?
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