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Meeting #617 Agenda for March 14, 2023


  • Tim calls meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Lenox

Member Project Updates

  • Wolfgang, mini tree.
  • Carl: Robot
  • Tim: Digerado
  • CNC lathe update: It will be useable!
  • Mike T.: Ran power to stained glass area
  • Jon D.: Steam engine control

Member recognition for Awesomeness

  • Tom G: Darien brought 8000 of steel plate for robot
  • Callie: Dylan helped load 50 lb bags of glaze materials

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

  • Tim, President, 3D printing co-champ
  • Callie Jon, Carl, Bryan, Mike T., Bill *2, Jason, 3D printing, Goeff; Wolfgang, garden champ
  • Mike T, Ham radio
  • Carl, BOD comm dir.
  • Callie, BOD
  • Bryan, electronics
  • jon d, BOD secretary
  • Jason, 3D
  • Bill Coon, Stained glass

Board Meeting announcements

  • Wood shop reimbursement,
  • Glass area

Guest & New Member Introductions

  • Total guests: 19
  • Second-timers: n= 7

Events for 2023

Regularly-Scheduled Events

  • Mondays at 7pm, Norwich: Fusion 360 Computer Aided Design class with Carl S. Starting next month will alternate between beginning and advanced class
  • Even Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Lenox: Paint Room/Spray Gun training with John K.
  • Most Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Lenox: Stained glass training with Bill and Bobbie Coon.
  • Odd Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Norwich: Woodshop Differences Training.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm-ish, Norwich: Ceramics and Cerveza with Jeff M.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm, Norwich: metal casting area setup
  • Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm Bytes & Beers with Bryan F. This week: Lecture, PWM, etc.
  • Thursdays: 6 p.m. Steel Tigerlillies women's led sculpture gang …
  • 2nd Thursday of Each Month at 7pm, Lenox: 3D printer Basics Training
  • Thursdays at 6:00 - 8pm, Lenox: Woodshop Orientation Training (please message the Google Groups to RSVP) led by Bob R.
  • Second and Third Friday of Each Month at 6:30pm, Norwich: Board game night: with Kathy L.
  • Thursdays at 6pm, Norwich: Open-Thorge-Thursday, Norwich. Intermediate.

Special Events

  • Board meeting Thursday, Lenox
  • Area champs meeting 22 March, Norwich
  • Space improvement day. Sat 25th
  • Sailing class 2 p.m. April 1.
  • April 1, Jelly Roll rugs, Guardians of the Good Scissors.
  • Elections coming up in April.

Safety Note

  • If you're plugging in a machine, make sure the power switch is off first.

Helpful hint

  • Never put any kind of liquid, such as a beer or soda, in the freezer. It will explode and someone else will end up cleaning it up, and that really sucks. So don't ever put any kind of liquid in the freezer.

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • You may not sleep at the Makerspace. It is a violation of city permits, and we could get shut down if it happens.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • None

Wrap up

  • Tours with:
  • Sign-ups:
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