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Meeting #582 Agenda for July 5, 2022


* Jeff calls meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Member Project Updates

  • Lincoln: a bench for his homestead.
  • Jon D and Carl S: progress on the Flutag airplane. They brought the wing to the meeting. Event is July 16th.
  • Dan J: trivets out of railroad spikes at Forge Friday's

Members recognition for Awesomeness

  • Jake did welding for the Flutag wing.
  • Dan J, Jeff M and John helped make a bunch of key fobs
  • John is making excellent progress on the Paint Booth at Lenox.

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

  • Jeff: President & Ceramics Area Champion
  • Bill R: BOD
  • Carl: BOD/Communications
  • Dan J: Asst Treasurer, Forge area champion
  • John H: Jewelery and Dalek area champion
  • Kathy H: Craft lab champion
  • Alden H: BOD
  • Colin: Treasurer
  • Bill W: metal shop champion

Guest & New Member Introductions

  • Total guests: 15
  • Second-timers: 4

Tours will be done by Dan J and Bill R


  • Fusion 360: in person at Norwich on Mondays at 7 PM led by Carl S. Also streamed on line and saved for future viewing on YouTube
  • Ceramics and Cerveza: Wednesdays, 5ish, led by Jeff M
  • Forge Friday: Friday 6 p.m., led by Dan J.
  • “Leap of Faith” Flugtag: Wed., 7 p.m. at Norwich, led by Carl S.
    • Join us on build night every Wednesday at 7 PM.
    • Stop by and see their progress next to the woodshop.
  • Thursdays at Lenox Initial Woodshop Training 6 to 8 pm led by Bob R & Bill R, will be initial wood shop training, and Tuesdays, at 7:45pm Norwich differences led by Rick.
  • Board game night: second Friday of month, 6:30 to 9:30 at NORWICH (Kathy L.) Next game night is Friday July 8th.
  • Space Improvement Day scheduled for June 26th from 1 to 4 PM.
  • July 16, Flugtag, by War Memorial.
  • Milwaukee MakerFaire: October 21st to 23rd, State Fair Park.
    • Call for Makers is OPEN.
  • Tuesday's: Stained Glass Class at Lenox at 7:30 by Bill Coon.
  • July 30th is Space Improvement Day at LENOX
  • Board of Directors meeting on July 21st at 7PM at the Lenox craft lab area.

Safety Note

  • Today's safety note is from Board member Marcus S:
    • Large First Aid kit at Norwich building is hung between the Women's and Men's rooms on the main floor.
    • The eye wash station is at the sink directly across the aisle from the First Aid kit.
    • When you walk around the Norwich building, you will see where awesome members have painted “First Aid Kit” on the floor. The kits are secured above the message. Good to know where they are before you start to work.

Helpful hint

  • Tonight's is from former Board Member, Chris Thompson:
    • Whenever you're cutting or feeding material into a saw, sander, etc. never ever lean on your piece; push it from a balanced stance. You should always be able to take both your hands off your piece and still be balanced. Otherwise you could fall into the blades.
  • Humorous Helpful Hint: Overheard recently:
    • I don't care how good the new hand soap smells…..don't walk out of the restroom smelling your fingers.

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • We have gotten a couple of complaints from our neighbors at the Lenox building. Please remember:
    • When parking in the alley, make sure your vehicle is in a designated space and that your vehicle does not extend into the alley. Please remember, our neighbors have to back out of their garages and parking spots. Lets give them room to maneuver.
    • When parking on the street:
      • On even numbered days park on the same side of street as our building (either street: Otjen or Lenox)
      • On odd numbered days park on the opposite side of the street as our building (either street: Otjen or Lenox)

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Woodshop training this Thursday at LENOX from 6 to 8 PM.
    • PLS RSVP, limit class to 4 participants
  • Fire Marshall mandates extension cords are to be used temporarily and should be removed when short term task is completed OR you leave the building. Need something wired/long term, speak to Dan J or Tom G.
  • The week of July 10th an Eagle Scout candidate, Jack, is making a gaga ball pit for a local school. The plan is to build it at the MakerSpace. He is looking for volunteers this Saturday (7/9) starting at 12 noon at NORWICH.
  • $750 donation to the Space from group that took a painting class from Hapto
  • Mike T is putting on a HAM radio license class.
  • John purchased a new spray gun for the paint booth and will be training members.

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see Mike and Colin to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Begin Tour by Dan J and Bill R
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