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Meeting #542 Agenda for September 21, 2021


  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Member Recognition for Awesomeness
  • Membership Sign-ups
  • Guest & New Member Introductions
    • Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions
  • Meeting adjourns

Helpful Hint

  • * This week's helpful hint is from “Top Tips” from 2017 in MAKE Magazine
    • Add Color To Your Laser Engraving: On the YouTube channel, Laser Wood Minnesota, they offer this great tip for coloring fine-detail laser engraving. Use a dye meant for coloring epoxy (such as TransTint), mixed with denatured alcohol. It’s easy to apply and you simply wipe the surface clean which leaves only the deeper engraved surfaces with dye in them.


  • Maker Fair scheduled for THIS WEEKEND, September 24-26. Fair being hosted by MSOE
    • CALL TO MEMBERS: A link has been shared with members if you would like to display a project or sell your wares at the Faire,
    • Please sign up to volunteer!
  • Saturday, October 2nd, Space Improvement Day from 1 to 4 PM.
  • Flame Effects for the Artist Workshop, Sept 24 Sept 25 and 26th Viola, WI

Safety Note

  • Proper first aid for cuts not requiring sutures: Rinse the cut or wound with water and apply pressure with sterile gauze, a bandage, or a clean cloth. If blood soaks through the bandage, place another bandage on top of the first and keep applying pressure. Raise the injured body part to slow bleeding. When bleeding stops, cover the wound with a new, clean bandage. Watch for infection (red, swollen, hot).

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • To secure a member storage space at the Lenox or Norwich facilities:
    • For a member space/shelf: please reach out to Faith F, our Facilities Director. Faith can be reached at
    • It you need to rent larger storage or work space: please reach out to Dan Jonke, Managing Director of Norwich Building at

Member Topics and Announcements

* Carl S: FUSION 360 classes are now held at NORWICH (moving from Lenox) at 7 PM. Classes can be attended in person, or virtually (Carl will send you the link). Thank you Carl.

  • These classes are now being recorded and are available for viewing on You Tube. Carl will send you the link.

* Reminder:

  • Member meetings on even numbered days will be held at Lenox
  • Member meetings on odd numbered days will be held at Norwich
  • This will allow for new members to tour each building and attend member meetings on consecutive weeks.

* CERAMICS AND CERVEZAS every Wednesday.

  • The goal being to rebuild our ceramics community.
  • BYOB and enjoy.

* No heavy equipment in the newly paved parking lot for the next few months as the asphalt hardens. Pls reach out to Tom G, Dan J, Jake B or Rudy if you need to use a fork lift outside the building to load/unload. Do NOT attempt to use the fork lift outside the Norwich building.

  • Tom G also needs help from electrical engineer

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Begin Tour

What Did We Talk About

Project Updates

  • Jake: suit of armor is on the manikin in his space
  • Tom K: fixed the band saw wheel
  • Jeff M: built a cart for ceramics area.
  • Mike T: got his Raspberry pi working with his GPS to get connection without internet connection
  • Jake: Miller 552 welder works.

Board of Directors Fall Elections

  • Nominations were opened at the meeting for President and Secretary
    • Tim C nominated for President, seconded, and accepted
    • Bill R nominated for Secretary, seconded, and accepted
  • Nomination process will remain open until 6:59 PM on Tuesday, September 28th. (Nomination process closes when the member meeting begins)
  • Nominations can also be made via the member only message board.
    • The nomination must be seconded and the member must accept their nomination via the message board
    • You may nominate yourself

Guest introductions

  • 14 guests
  • Tim and Jeff gave the tours
  • Alden and Bill signed up 3 new members


  • Mike Huh helped build the cart
  • Dan J helping Tim fix the wheel bearing on his Mustang
  • Karen: helped Jon using the heavy duty sewing machine
  • Sara gave Mark R glass beads for his sand table
  • Tony helped Mark R with programming
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