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 ===== Helpful Hint ===== ===== Helpful Hint =====
-   *Tonight's is from Board Member At Large, Chris Thompson: +   This week'helpful hint is from "Top Tips" from the 50th edition of MAKE Magazine 
-     * Whenever you're cutting or feeding material into a saw, sander, etc. never ever ever lean on your piece; push it from a balanced stance. You should always be able to take both your hands off your piece and still be balanced. Otherwise you could fall into the blades. +         YouTube is great, but donwatch related videos! Watch what you came for and then get the hell out of there. You’ll be able to build an airplane with the time you save!
- +
-   Humorous Helpful Hint: Overheard recently:  +
-           * I don'care how good the new hand soap smells.....don't walk out of the restroom smelling your fingers. +
 ===== Topics ===== ===== Topics =====
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         * 2021 Maker Faire Budget of $10,000 approved by membership.         * 2021 Maker Faire Budget of $10,000 approved by membership.
                *Faith F is taking the lead on signage for the Faire                *Faith F is taking the lead on signage for the Faire
-* Egg drop challenge September 7th during the member meeting. Additional info below +  * Egg drop challenge September 7th during the member meeting. Additional info below 
-*Flame Effects for the Artist Workshop, Sept 24 Sept 25 and 26th Viola, WI +  *Flame Effects for the Artist Workshop, Sept 24 Sept 25 and 26th Viola, WI 
 ===== Safety Note ===== ===== Safety Note =====
-  * With more folks working from home, a few ergonomic tips+  * Today's safety note is from Board member Marcus S
-        * Ensure your office chair has proper lumbar and arm support, and that it can be adjusted to your height +        * First Aid kit at Norwich building is hung between the Women'and Men's rooms on the main floor
-        * Keep your feet flat on the ground or on a footrest+        * The eye wash station is at the sink directly across the aisle from the First Aid kit
-        * Adjust your computer monitor so the distance from your eyes to the screen is at least 18 inches. +
-        * Keep your keyboard and mouse at elbow height. +
-        * In addition, be sure to take breaks frequently. Look away from your screen every 15 minutes, and regularly get out of your chair to move around and stretch. +
- +
-Humorous safety tip: don't swallow your gum +
- +
 ===== Rule and Regulation of the Week ===== ===== Rule and Regulation of the Week =====
-  * We have gotten a couple of complaints from our neighbors at the Lenox building.  Please remember+  * Today's RULE comes from our Leather Working Area Champion Adam
-        * When parking in the alley, make sure your vehicle is in a designated space and that your vehicle does not extend into the alley. Please remember, our neighbors have to back out of their garages and parking spots. Lets give them room to maneuver. +        * When working on the 4x8 table in the leather working area (in the east room at the Lenox buildingor on the granite block, NEVER use dyes, paints or anything that can stain. These materials easily transfer to the leather being worked on that table and can ruin a person's project. 
-        * When parking on the street: +
-              * On even numbered days park on the same side of street as our building (either street: Otjen or Lenox) +
-              * On odd numbered days park on the opposite side of the street as our building (either street: Otjen or Lenox)+
 ===== Member Topics and Announcements ===== ===== Member Topics and Announcements =====
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 ==== Project Updates ==== ==== Project Updates ====
-  * Faith F: Renaissance Faire costume. She spend ~120 hours making it. The armor is from bark, the corset hand sown sticks. The photo showed a spectacular costume. +  * 
-  * Tim C: 3D printed a new BOD/President name badge +
-  * Adrian: Has cut 312 pieces of wood for the Nerdy Derby cars at Maker Faire +
-  * Jon: Made a camping box out of wood +
-  * Dan L: worked on his 3D printing skills when out at sea. +
-  * Harry: shared an excellent 1 minute animated film from his series "Space Station 19". He will send out the You Tube link to members to see each of his episodes +
-  * Brian: built a fantastic score board with Clock, app, colors for teams, balls, strikes, outs, and many other features. +
-  * Karen: deconstructed and re-engineered a dress for a friend.+
 ==== Guest Introductions ==== ==== Guest Introductions ====
-  * 12 first time guests and second time guests attended the meeting. +  *  first time guests and  second time guests attended the meeting. 
-  * Tim C and Dan J gave the tour.  +  *  gave the tour.  
-  * Chris T signed up new members +  *  signed up  new members 
 ====    Awesome members   ============= ====    Awesome members   =============
-  * Karen: lent Mark a steamer for his curtains +  * 
-  * Dan J held an excellent welding training on Sunday +
-  * Carl S is recording his Fusion 360 classes for members to view/review on YouTube. +
-  * Faith and Tim: Updating the Area Champion and BOD board in the vestibule.+
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