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-====== Meeting #450 Agenda for April 30th, 2019 ======+====== Meeting #451 Agenda for May 7th, 2019 ======
 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
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 ===== Helpful Hint ===== ===== Helpful Hint =====
-  * It's okay to make a mistake, just be sure to learn from it.+  * Pay it forward. If you help someone out with their project, there is a high chance they will help you with yours
 ===== Topics ===== ===== Topics =====
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   * Voting! Election! Fun!   * Voting! Election! Fun!
     * Voting closes for Member at Large (12 month position)     * Voting closes for Member at Large (12 month position)
 ===== Safety Note ===== ===== Safety Note =====
-  * Think about when to wear gloves and when not to+  * You can't use the microwave and toaster oven at the same time. It trips the breaker. Check each before you use them.
 ===== Rule and Regulation of the Week ===== ===== Rule and Regulation of the Week =====
-  * No parking in the handicap spot unless you have a sign...or we'll help you get one+  * Do not use the popcorn popper until you read all of the instructions
 ===== Member Topics and Announcements ===== ===== Member Topics and Announcements =====
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   * Please turn out the lights and check to make sure the 2 gas tanks in the welding area are shut off (righty tighty). Thank you!   * Please turn out the lights and check to make sure the 2 gas tanks in the welding area are shut off (righty tighty). Thank you!
   * Announcements from Area Champions:   * Announcements from Area Champions:
-  * Forge is down, Jake will speak with Alex and Dan about how to fix it +  * Steff will answer any new member questions to keep things cohesive 
-  * Posters are now up in the welding area to answer basic questions +  *Thursday 7:00pm laser lab training 
-  * Billy will be out of town starting June, try to be on time with paying your dues (try auto pay) so there are no issues +  *Weld training on the 11th 
-  * Every Monday at 7pm, there is a Fusion 360 class. Carl will begin to show up at 6:30 to catch new users up +  *Woodshop training: next available Wednesday 22nd, 7pm, be more cognizant of cleaning up after yourself even if you’ll be coming back 
-  * Iron worker has arrived at the space +  *Carl elected as 6 month member at large 
-  * Tom will be doing forklift training +  *David Drager will take over lathe training 
-  * There is spray paint that needs to be put away and sorted through +
-  * Steff was elected to be the Member at Large+
   * Meeting Adjourns   * Meeting Adjourns
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 ==== Project Updates ==== ==== Project Updates ====
-  * Neilminiature standing bass +  *Kathydesk caddy 
-  *TomFinished LED core for security system +  *Jakeauto crossbow design 
-  *Markreworked the table for megamax +  *Petebattery case, omni wheel 
-  *Carl: Made two lamps +  *Carl: attempted 3D printed telescope 
-  *Petepossible makerfaire display+  *Dankombucha
 ==== Guest Introductions ==== ==== Guest Introductions ====
-  * We had visitors today+  * We had 17 visitors today
 ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ==== ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ====
-  * Jake for instructing on welder +  *Kathy: Marcus and Tony for putting up shelvesMarcusTonyKarenand others getting the kitchen area togetherThanks to those who built the cabinets 
-  *To everyone who helped on space improvement day (new outletsceiling tilesposterscleaningetc. +  *Steff: Kathy for setting up book signing and great facilities director 
-  *Carl for interviewing for Steff’s podcast+  *Rik: Tom G brought in American soda water crate 
 +  *Matt: Carl for the fusion 360 classes 
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