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 ==== Project Updates ==== ==== Project Updates ====
-  * ...+Alex made a spindle 
 +Kyle is dressed as a jellyfish that Arian and Coleen made 
 ==== Guest Introductions ==== ==== Guest Introductions ====
-  * We had ### visitors today+  * We had 11 visitors today
 ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ==== ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ====
-  * ...+Thank to Larry for Tormach training 
 +Coleen thanks Harvey for making things for show Jake John is casting, Alex 
 +Tony made parking sign 
 +Larry donated a hydro torch and other thing to the jewelry area 
 +Unicorn thanks Coleen for making dress 
 +Tim thanks Colleen for doing the cosplay show for the faire 
 +Coleen thanks John H he made a sterling ring “thumb splint” 
 +Rocky/​Sam/​Pete put laminated instructions for the sand blaster  
 +Bill and Bobby brought Carmel corn that they made 
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