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Meeting #412 Agenda for July 24th, 2018


  • Put “meeting tonight” sandwich boards outside doors 1 and 3
  • Remind members and guests to park on the “wrong” side
  • Ask guests to sign the guestbook
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Member Recognition for Awesomeness
  • Who Wants a Tour?
  • Membership Sign-ups
    • If you intend to sign up tonight, please have your completed application at the desk by 8:00 pm
    • Someone is working the Desk
  • Guest & New Member Introductions
    • Please hold your applause so we can keep this thing rolling



Safety Note

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • Handicap Parking: Violators will get 1 month suspension and a formal warning, this includes the striped handicap loading zone
  • Laser Lab: Do not disable safety interlocks without explicit per-instance approval from laser champion
  • During Tuesday membership signups and BOD meetings, ask laser lab users to pause
  • Do not sign a possible new member's sign-up sheet unless they have all of the other fields filled out.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Tuesday night is trash and housekeeping night. The dumpster is hungry; feed it!
  • The vacuums on the other hand frequently are over-full. Please help them out by emptying them.
  • Please turn out the lights and check to make sure the 3 gas tanks in the welding area are shut off (lefty loosey, righty tighty). Thank you!
  • Announcements from Area Champions
  • Meeting Adjourns

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Space Tour starts immediately following the meeting, meet in the front lobby.
  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests

What Did We Talk About

Project Updates

Guest Introductions

  • We had ### visitors today

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

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