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   * Member Recognition for Awesomeness   * Member Recognition for Awesomeness
   * Guest & New Member introductions ​   * Guest & New Member introductions ​
 +  * About 60 total people in attendance this night
 =====Reflection===== =====Reflection=====
-"​Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat." ​- Robert Heinlein +“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." ​Elbert Eistein
 =====Topics===== =====Topics=====
   * [[:​2016events|Events for 2016]]   * [[:​2016events|Events for 2016]]
-  * Remember to pay for and pick up any auction ​items you won+  * Donated ​items auction ends tonight
   * The Kuka is for sale!   * The Kuka is for sale!
-  * 2016 Member Survey ​Closing ​tonight - check your inboxes, please participate! ​ The BOD will be making decisions based on this information,​ so share your feedback & make your voice heard.+  * 2016 Member Survey ​Coming ​tonight - check your inboxes, please participate! ​ The BOD will be making decisions based on this information,​ so share your feedback & make your voice heard.
 ===== Safety Note =====  ===== Safety Note ===== 
 +Remember - The effects of an accident can last a lifetime.
 ===== Member Topics and Announcements ===== ===== Member Topics and Announcements =====
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 ====Project Updates==== ====Project Updates====
-  *+  * Harvey made some winter/​holiday decorations on the Mongul CNC. 
 +  * Rick made several custom glass gifts with the vinyl cutter & sand blaster. 
 +  * Kathy H made a seasonal pinecone tree with ornaments, and a beaded tree topper (doubles as a beer topper!), and several necklaces. 
 +  * Kendra attended Kayla'​s aluminum pour & made a bronze/​brass casting from her own handmade carving. 
 +  * Rick the new guy made some floating shelves that are attached to his kitchen wall at home.  Thanks to Harvey & Bill for their help!  Thanks to Fran, too, for help with soldering the tape. 
 +  * Matt, thanks to Carl, 3D printed the MMS logo in several different formats while learning the Taz and Cube Trio (which are now functional!).
 ====Guest Introductions==== ====Guest Introductions====
-  *+  * Welcome to Brad, who found out about us from his son. 
 +  * Welcome to Alex, he's a new member as of next week & will start some new projects after Thanksgiving! 
 ====Recognition for AWESOMENESS==== ====Recognition for AWESOMENESS====
-  * Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out at Space Improvement Dayfrom your Board of Directors!+  * Thanks to Harvey & Bill for their help with Rick's floating shelves! ​ Thanks to Frantoo, for help with soldering the tape. 
 +  * Thanks to Carl for teaching the 3D printing class. 
 +  * Thanks Kayla for the aluminum pour class, and making the scratch blocks! 
 +  * Thanks Matt for cleaning up & improving the 3D printing area!! 
 +  * Thanks members for having a fun game night on Saturday! 
 +  * Thanks Harvey for taking the trash out!  
 +  * Thanks Steve P & Mark for getting the 4'​x8'​ CNC router up & running 
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