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 ==== Guest Introductions ==== ==== Guest Introductions ====
-  * +  * Kate learned about us from her brother, she's from out of town and a blacksmith, woodworker and ceramics person 
 +  * Adam and Leanne run Dead Horse Leather, they make books, armor, home decor, motorcycle parts, etc - they came to Doors Open 
 +  * Leela is a professional knife sharpener, and ran across Daleks on Facebook! And here she is! 
 +  * Linda is here on behalf of Pleasant Prairie Maker Faire, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She needs help. Their call for makers is open. 
 +  * Sean works in health insurance, and is interested in woodworking and electronics 
 +  * Don found out about us from Maker Faire 
 +  * Jen, Michael and Nick and learned about us at Doors Open Milwaukee 
 +  * Krista and Casey have varied interests 
 +  * Dale just moved downtown, saw us at the faire, wants to learn woodworking,​ metal and welding 
 +  * Dan lives near by and heard about us through word of mouth
 ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ==== ==== Recognition for AWESOMENESS ====
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