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Meeting #310 Agenda for August 2, 2016


  • Put “meeting tonight” sandwich boards outside doors 1 and 3
  • Ask guests to sign the guestbook
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Member Recognition for Awesomeness
  • Guest & New Member introductions


  • “There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” -Annie Leonard, author and Executive Director of Greenpeace


  • Solar Buy MKE Presentation Tonight! 8:00 PM!
  • ReCap of Maker Faire Detroit! (Pete, Carl, Kathy)
  • Maker Faire Milwaukee - Meeting Tomorrow! (Check out all these makers!)
  • Safety Note: Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it. (author unknown)
  • Safety Note: By show of hands how many people know where to find safety glasses and hearing protection?

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Please check your storage area, and if it seems to indicate it's not your space (or says “Lapsed”) get in touch with D.L.
  • Karen asks that if you know what happened to the cone of black thread that was in the craft lab, please return it or let her know.
  • Tuesday night is trash and housekeeping night.
  • Meeting Adjourns

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Space Tour starts immediately following meeting, meet in front lobby.
  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests

What Did We Talk About

Project Updates

  • Mark printed 85 Nerdy Derby wheels, printed at one time! (A new record!), and a folded form for something that he printed flat.
  • Wolfgang glazed some pots after dipping in Ferric Chloride
  • John made a mantis claw, which hangs from a drone and picks stuff up (on the laser cutter)
  • Karen is working on a wedding dress for Amy, and the new sewing machine (walking foot leather machine) works
  • Lexie made a solid copper book cover on a 3-ring binder

Guest Introductions

  • Brian moved back to Milwaukee and found us through friends. He does leather works, welds, and does furniture and art
  • James found out about us from his Mom, and he brought his granddad, who's moving to the area
  • Grace is interested in ceramics, and learned about us from a friend who lives in the area. She's also interested in welding and woodworking
  • Jacob is visiting us for the second time, he's a senior at UWM. He needs help with the tool chain.
  • Joe came with a friend. He owns a small design company and is interested in starting to fabricate some of his designs.
  • John is on his second visit, he's interested in 3D printing, and welding and woodworking.

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Brant recognizes Harvey for making use of the Area Champions Google Group; a trend that he hopes others will continue
  • Wolfgang thanks Scott for pottery guidance
  • Carl recognizes all the people who helped out with the 3 power wheels cars that went to Detroit! The link for the video is on the Facebook page.
  • Karen thanks Lexie for reorganizing the hack rack in the craft lab
  • Lexie thanks Jon for helping with the copper book
  • Joe thanks Jon for letting him pick through stuff
  • Adrian thanks all the folks who helped put up the welding wall
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