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   * CNC Money collection   * CNC Money collection
   * Meeting Adjourns   * Meeting Adjourns
 +  * Felicia is training on the lathe after the meeting 
 +  * Call for Makers is open for Maker Faire 
 +  * Maker Faire planning meeting immediately after the meeting 
 +  * Zoom Milwaukee is this weekend - room for one more volunteer 
 +  * Grillers Night Out on June 1 - Wolfgang is bringing pizza makings again
 ---- ----
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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
 +  * Guest Introductions
 +    * Steven and Adam (the machinist) are interested in lots of areas
 +    * Kevin found the space because he is interested in Tormach, and found us at the Madison faire
 +    * Gary and Jackie heard of us through the woodworkers guild
 +    * Derrick's second meeting, heard about us from a coworker
 +    * Jim read about us in the newspaper
 +    * Ron saw pictures from the Madison Maker Faire
 +  * Member Project Updates
 +    * Kathy made a Stitch mixed media artwork for her niece
 +    * Faith is making a table with Wolfgang's help. This is Faith's last meeting as a member
 +    * We saw a lamp made from a carburetor
 +    * Royce has been working on a lighting control system and the prototype is next to Tom's desk. You can turn on and off lights from the website via QR code. Play with it! Try it out!
 +    * A request from Nancy to help with fixing a battery pack
 +    * Bill reported the Groton mill now has a 3" face, and we have new chuck keys
 +  * Recognition for **Awesomeness**
 +    * Keith recognized Marc for help with welding the standoff bed for the 50 watt laser cutter
 +    * Jon contributed a heat press for screenprinting
 +    * Tom Gr helped Pete out with an electronics issue
 +    * Steve thanks Alex for help with cleaning and organizing the wood shop
 +    * Rick would like to thank the Makerspace for buying baked goods a few weeks ago - surgery was a success!
 +    * Tom thanks Bill for all the help in the machine shop
 +    * Steve thanks Tom Kline for producing videos on machine shop training
-  * Stuff... 
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