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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
-  * Stuff...+  * Show and Tell 
 +Wolfgang showed off a whale harpoon 
 +A robotic car project  
 + made a Frida Kahlo wall art tribute piece all made from upcycling (vote at Goodwill Ultimate Upcycling), also another wall art bowl 
 +Lexi made some wine and pint glasses with 4 seasons etched on the glass with the sand blaster 
 +Kathy made a thank you card for a machinist, some ornaments, and some earrings in a nice presentation box 
 +Karrin talked about her ongoing project restoring girl scout uniforms 
 +Dan will be making big fire after the meeting 
 +Trifold was shown and voted between Red or Blue designs 
 +Brant had a Fan he found on the hack rack to be used as an air curtain above a doorway 
 +Member Recognition 
 +Pete recognized for putting the webcam up 
 +John recognized for showing a member how to use a tool 
 +New People 
 + ​Parker found us on FB, Woodworking and is a web designer 
 +Doug found us online, background industrial designer 
 +Teresa is a picture framer here for Brady St Foundation looking for help building things for green spaces 
 +Lauren new to milwaukee, machining, woodworking,​ heard about it from a friend and work 
 +Elections end for at large board members close today with handing in of paper ballots 
 +Brant collecting for Kennedy Middle school robotics lab, see him if you want to donate cash 
 +Karren noticed paper shredder is not working, door to craft area need lubrication,​ and people ordering plastic for 3d printers please save packages 
 +End of the month is end for CNC finding match by Larry 
 +Lots of stuff is up for grabs in the meeting room 
 +Meeting adjourned at 7:44 
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