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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
-  * Stuff...+  * Kathy showed off the painted cork board which will be installed in the craft lab 
 +  * Wolfgang showed off his unintentional tie-die T-shirt (tip: don’t put your pens in the dryer with your T-shirts) 
 +  * Mark donated a $400 auto-darkening welding helmet donated by Miller Electric 
 +  * Tom asked that we do a blog post on welding classes and the donation 
 +  * Karen showed off historic (90 year old) Girl Scout uniforms that she is mendging 
 +  * One of the members showed off Bismuth crystals she made 
 +  * One of our neighbors stopped in to remind us to please park on the opposite side of the street (even side today) 
 +  * Larry asked if there was any progress on putting up signage to let members know what side of the street to park on 
 +  * Tom suggested we print out signage and attach them to the posts outside “MakerSpace - park this side"​ 
 +  * Lance introduced the new named board membersWelcome! 
 +  * Pete and Molly (his student) told us about Zoom Milwaukee and the Maker PlazaThey’re looking for exhibitors May 26-28 (see 2016 events for more details) 
 +  * Larry and Pete have EggBots (for Easter!) they can loan out 
 +  * Larry suggested a mandatory name tag policy - he was asked to refer this to the board 
 +  * Landscaping and mowing - DL asked Rik will provide this service this summer - he confirmed he would 
 +  * DL reminded members that she will be enforcing the parking ticket policy - clean up your messes 
 +** Awesomeness! ** 
 +  * Tom K and Bill2 were saluted for helping with a band saw stand 
 +  * Mark O also thanked Bill for helping with one of his projects 
 +  * Pete put together the booth at the woodworkers show, Lance thanked everyone to attended 
 +  * Stephanie helped a member get set up on Etsy 
 +  * Dan tamped down the irate neighbor who came to express frustration on our parking on the “wrong” side 
 +** Guest introductions ** 
 +  * Derrick found the ‘space via a web search 
 +  * Jeremy saw a poster at American Science and Surplus 
 +  * Al is from the neighborhood,​ and learned about us at the Woodworker’s Show 
 +  * Moira heard about us through word of mouth 
 +  * Peter heard about us through a neighbor of ours 
 +  * John found us through the Internet 
 +  * Kurt introduced himself 
 +  * Alicia introduced herself 
 +  * Molly heard about us from Pete and via Maker Faire 
 +  * Faith introduced herself 
 +  * Nick, Robert, Michael and Pat are from MSOE 
 +  * Brian is studying EE at MSOE, and was brought by a friend 
 +** Nominations for at-large board positions ** 
 +  * Scott Swanson was nominated and seconded, and accepted the nomination 
 +  * Adrian Volden was nominated and seconded, and accepted the nomination 
 +  * Amy Haffner was nominated and seconded - she was not present to accept
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