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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
-  * Stuff...+  * Adrian made a homopolar motor driven little dancer 
 +  * Jenn finished a miniature scale hobbit house with a badger inside 
 +  * She also has a BB-8 purse 
 +  * Marc made a awesome metal butterfly 
 +  * Thanks to all that helped with space improvement day! 
 +  * Thanks to Tom for fixing the door locks 
 +  * Woodworking show will be happening from March 11-13thIf you can attend, sign up here 
 +  * Please do your part to be more safe 
 +    * Don't leave the laser cutter when it is running 
 +    * Somebody left smoldering rag on the anvilDon't do that. 
 +  * Maker Faire meeting will happen at the space tomorrow night, 7PM
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