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 ===== What Did We Talk About ===== ===== What Did We Talk About =====
- +  * Italian Waggle Cookies 
-  * Stuff...+  * Wolfgang made a kitchen knife 
 +  * Larry made some scrap aluminum 
 +  * Dillon made a (6) 6 packs and he filled it with his own beer 
 +  * Devin made some aluminum bronze for knife hardware 
 +  * Tom got an awesome welder and Dan welded some aluminum with it 
 +  * There are (2) pairs of garbage cansOne has clean rags 
 +  * Tom found some space carts in an auction that can be purchased if you are interested. ​  
 +  * DL's been busy baking. She made Vishal cookies because he is awesome. 
 +  * DL made a parking permit holder for Adrian to hang in the space 
 +  * Vishal made a cutting board 
 +  * Lexie also baked a bunch with her friends 
 +  * Adrian brought in caramel! 
 +  * Keith re-assembled the 60W laser cutter 
 +  * Isaac made a laser cut living hinge wooden box 
 +  * Thanks to Kayla, Rick, and  Wolfgang with organizing and help the aluminum pour 
 +  * Remember to close doors behind you! 
 +  * Tom laser cut some sweet safety signs. 
 +  * Lance found out that his patent application was accepted! 
 +  * Craig has been working to get the bridgeport working as a CNC again 
 +  * Thanks to the machine shop cleaning elves 
 +  * Arts and tech night is tomorrow (Wednesday) night at UWM 
 +  * We have new trash cans! Let fill 'em and then empty 'em and so on 
 +  * Space improvement day is cancelled since it is on the 27th. 
 +  * Kathy H.'s lamp sold for $50 at a silent auction 
 +  * There will be a (2) day craft fair on Saturday and Sunday in Riverwest that features a few makerspace members 
 +  * The burning man group is having a party this SaturdayIf you would like to join, email Kathy Cannistra.
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