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-  ​* **Members: ​ ​** ​\\ +===== What Did We Talk About ===== 
-  * **Guests: ​ ​** ​\\ + 
-  * **Things mentioned: ​ ​** ​+  ​Amy finished her first project! She made a jewelry badge as the Grammar Police for Halowween 
 +  ​Charles made a Choo Choo train out of power resistors  
 +  ​Cat case carrying handle 
 +  ​* ​A moving thing moves a spider 
 +  ​CNC embroidery machine works! 
 +  * Kathy has freshly harvested nugget hops for the home brewers 
 +  ​She made something out of the hop vines 
 +  ​Kayla is organizing an aluminum pour here at the Maker Space November 5 starting 2PM. Please let her know if you are interested. She is happy to help someone with a mold. 
 +  ​* ​A foam cutter is available in the craft lab. Send an email if you are interested in learning how to use it. 
 +  ​Thank you to everyone who helped with space cleanup day! 
 +  * Dan blacksmithed a rubix cube handle! 
 +  ​We have officially moved to the new accounting system. Let the baord know  
 +  ​Maker Faire Milwaukee has been approved for September 24th and 25th next year. Maker Faire New York will be held the weekend after. 
 +  ​* ​The Maker Faire wrap-up party will be held on Thursday, November 5th 6-9 pm. Let Kathy Cannistra know if you will be attending. 
 +  * Thanks to Marc Ownley and his Company (Weld Specialties) for donating a bunch of stuff to the space and just being generally awesome 
 +  * Make-a-thon is 31 days away. Volunteer Sign Up and Supplies Needed can be found here. Does anyone want to play Santa Claus? 
 +  * Storage space audits will be taking place soon.  
 +    *  All pallet floor spaces are designated for carts. 
 +  ​First aid kits have been hung up - Thanks Brant!
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