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   * Griller's Night Out, bring your own meat to grill and a small side to pass!   * Griller's Night Out, bring your own meat to grill and a small side to pass!
   * Halloween Party & Contest? (Kathy H.)   * Halloween Party & Contest? (Kathy H.)
 +  * [[|Photos from The Power Racing Series at Maker Faire Detroit, in July, because Pete is slow.]]
   * Safety Note: (From Dan)   * Safety Note: (From Dan)
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   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
 +===== What Did We Talk About =====
-  * **Members:  ** \\ +  *     Birdseye maple and Walnut burl inlay for  
-  * **Guests:  ** \\ +      Candle Light Holders for the Tiny House 
-  * **Things mentioned:  ** +      Walnut Soji for the Tiny House 
 +      Tom has some crazy lenses up for hacking 
 +      Tiny robots with tank treads is up for hacking 
 +  *     The halloween skull makes sounds, allegedly 
 +      A kidney pump is available for hacking! 
 +      A whale pancreas is also available for hacking 
 +      Thanks to Jim and Charles for helping Karen with her car 
 +      The machine show is currently happening at State Fair. If you tell them you are a Makerspace member and ask for Jay, you will get in for free and save the $15 ticket. Get in touch with Tom Gr. is you would like to go. 
 +  *     Let Kathy know on the mailing list if you are interested in the Halloween party.  
 +      Safety NoteKeep the angle grinder guards on! At least, if you take them off, put it back on. 
 +      Don't use materials that will permanently stain or bond to the craft lab work surface...obviously. 
 +      Thanks to Adrian for fixing the back door!
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