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Meeting Agenda for February 03, 2015


  • Put “meeting tonight” sandwich boards outside doors 1 and 3
  • Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book
  • Guest introductions
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members (Really, bring in the projects you're working on.)
  • Voting to start on Thursday to make one word change to by laws. changing the word from October to March will change when the annual meeting takes place along with election of new officers.
  • What Did We Talk About
  • Go Karts, Crappy Robot Competition at PS1, Rick Rolling Robot, Settler of Catan, Dice Tower, Pizza Bagel Bot getting shredded by a Bicycle Chain on a Motor, New Computer for CNC Mogul, Crazy Tissue Box, Copy of a Bethlehem Allentown Rifle, Can Crusher Control Board, Baltic Birch Signs, Knitting more Shit - literally, Heated Water Bowl for the Outdoors, Laser Lab has a new Coat Rack, Cell phone Stands, Tiny House has Walls, Willie's boat was finally flipped!!!
  • Meeting Adjourns 7:35 pm
  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Lexie giving tour for guests
  • Members:
  • Guests:
    Meet Sam, Sam and Not Sam
  • Things mentioned:
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