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   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests   * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
-  * **Members: ** ??\\ +  * **Members: ** 28 \\ 
-  * **Guests: ** ??\\ +  * **Guests: ** 10 \\ 
-  * **Things mentioned:​** ​+  * **Things mentioned:​** ​embroidered children'​s book, mini-lathe, small forge, study of sound, R2-D2, Robot Phoenix, brackets for the alley light, plasma cutting learning, giant scrolling sign, 3D printing, Beagle Boards, tinkering, woodworking,​ tearing things apart and not putting them back together, pottery area, Holiday Make-A-Thon,​ welders, antenna for SDR, Shapeoko build, Power Racing Series, designing 3D objects, metalwork, electronics,​ programming,​ tearing the building apart and (maybe) putting it back together, RFID project, M2C2 (Milwaukee Makerspace Can Crusher), Blacksmithing with Dan! (make a trivet), BBCM giveaway of stuff, billing system almost done, build a CNC machine, motorcycle repair, odds and ends, campers van beethoven, ​ robotic dawg (F.I.D.O.), computers are fun, pumpkin carving machine planning, another R2-D2, working with the wood, sewing, art, painting, drawing, (NCSA) mosaics, large format plotters, Kuka programming for CNC (coming soon!), carve a skull, or maybe an entire skeleton, radio telescope stuff, Crazy Tom has MakerFest shirts to sell! 
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