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Meeting Agenda for July 09, 2013


  • Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book
  • Guest introductions
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members (Really, bring in the projects you're working on.)
  • Insert your topics here
  • Update on Kuka Robot.
  • Update on Hackerspace Challenge progress.
  • Instructables Build night with Sugru is July 16th, 2013. Any ideas?
  • The South Shore Frolics Parade is on Sat. July, 13th, 2013! (This week!)
    • Help Shane build a Giant Dalek for the parade!?
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see jason gessner, Brant Holeman, or any Board Member to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests


  • Members: 25
  • Guests: 5
  • Guests talked about: CNC, 3D printing and metal casting, making crazy stuff.
  • Member's talked about: Jim's Nerdy Derby Car, Chris made a circuit board, someone picked a lock, someone used the lathe, MattW fixed the welder, first Kuka test is coming soon, Hackerspace Challenge update, Frolics Parade, Milwaukee Maker Fest, We've got a Stratasys thanks to Have Blue, Tony3 is working on some Motorola/Arduino sponsorship thingy, etc.
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