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 Notes: Notes:
-  * **Members Present:​** ​33+  * **Members Present:​** ​34
   * **Guests Present:** 6.5   * **Guests Present:** 6.5
   * Matt C. talked about Eaton and some opportunities for the space, and he also mentioned his baileywick.   * Matt C. talked about Eaton and some opportunities for the space, and he also mentioned his baileywick.
 +  * **Some topics/​projects mentioned:​** photo studio, bikes, crazy scooter, library, sewing & crafting, knitting, refrigerator light bulb, beer and alcohol, Kegerator™,​ mini-fridge hiding behind vacuum cleaner, frozen, bleach experiment 2.0, Etsy shop, laser cutting, welding, dog robot, Wifi on the BeagleBoard,​ custom lighting controls, Electric Saab, Raspberry Pi Internet Radio, plug for rifle, motorcycle part fabrication,​ donation boxes, electric car batteries, complete car rebuild, hybrid-generator-trailer,​ Rostock, CNC Milling Machine in progress, 2U server up for grabs, nothing, 3D printing, getting certified on all equipment, maker projects for kids, Jakenstein Power Wheels Rebuild, electronics,​ carnival games for Sheboygan Children'​s Hospital, helping out with sled dog fundraiser, lathe moving party, wood shop equipment maintenance,​ embroidery machine, Printrbot is done and works now, architecture,​ CNC building, getting into trouble, metal shop activities, computers, blacksmithing area is operational,​ text messaging, CNC Plasma Cutter, Tesla coil that sings, West Bend Makerspace, engineering,​ free-time, going nuts, networking, MegaMax is printing, BVAG, Bay View Gallery Night (call for pieces!) wet felter.
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