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Meeting Agenda for April 16, 2013


  • Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book
  • Guest introductions
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members (Mention what you are into and what projects you're working on.)
  • Reminder: Gallery Night is Friday, April 19th, 2013 (We are not an official location, but may will open our doors to the public that night.)
  • Reminder: UWM Kenilworth Open House 11am-2pm Saturday, April 20th, 2013 (Visit Frankie Flood at the DCRL!)
  • ReCap of Minne-Faire at The Hack Factory in Minneapolis (Pete, Vishal, MattW)
  • Insert your topics here
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see jason gessner, Brant Holeman, or any Board Member to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests


  • Members Present: About 24
  • Guests Present: About 3 or 4
  • Some topics/projects mentioned: electric motorcycle, robot, bikes, casting, electronics, Kickstarter campaign, lamp, 3D printing & scanning, CNC routing foam, energy-related stuff, metalworking, sewing, Etsy shop, batteries, “The Hive”, games, Hack Factory, Tesla coil, CNC Plasma Cutter, Power Wheels car, MakerBot repairs, Rostock Delta 3D printer, jewelry, Big Ass™ CNC Router, little silk screening, TEDx, awesome things, earn your obscenity badge!
  • Door County Sled Dogs Benefit Event June 1st - (see Tim Birch)
  • Remy battery clearance sale (see TomGz)
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