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Meeting Agenda for December 11, 2012

Vital Stats

  • 26 attendees (4 board members, 19 members and 3 guests)
  • Meeting started at 7:05 and adjourned at 7:55


  • Aluminum pour on Thursday: Have you carved a small styrofoam shape to make a Christmas gift?
  • Update on Lenox building progress
    • Construction began today, 12/11
    • Grinding floors
      • Hopefully finish vault floors tonight
      • Pour epoxy foreast floor Thursday (hopefully)
      • Time needed to cure epoxy
        • 24 hours before walking on it
        • 3 days to 1 week for full cure, rolling wheels/pallet jacks
        • Move stuff on to the floor starting Dec. 20th
      • Coat east room first then the vaults (vaults maybe this weekend)
        • Mop the east room first? Try to avoid stains coming through
    • Moving starting this Thursday
    • Recycling bins started
      • Tom said scrap metals so far netted $6000
      • Floor tiles brought in $3000
    • West room now a work in progress
    • Need to paint some walls
    • Access through west room will be limited
    • Will need to phase the pours and moving pallets
    • City façade improvement plan, match up to $5k possible?
  • Logistics and dates of the “Big Official Makerspace Move” (AKA The BOMM!)
    • Clear out of offices first?
  • Update on Dues Collection, Finances
    • 30+ members completely caught up
    • Balances discussed, cash on hand
    • We have ~70 members currently, two new members joined last Thursday
    • Discussion on
  • Special Election: Brent B. elected new Operations Director
  • Formation of Lenox Floorplan Finalization Committee (LFFC?) - led by the new Operations Director!
  • Ed H. wants to take the Replicator out of the space on Friday for a demo.
    • It will be returned Friday evening. Any objections?
    • None were noted, a notice was posted to the members-only board
  • There is a board meeting on Thursday
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