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Emergency Membership Meeting - November 25, 2012


  1. Google Hangout was up and Pete P, Michael D, Adam C joined us on it
  2. Jason H, Jason G, Royce P, Brant H, Dennis D, Sean M, Tom G


  1. Rich N. resigned as President this morning
    1. Tom G., Brant, and others agreed to try to remain positive
    2. Overcoming this challenge will hopefully help us in the long term
    3. Royce noted we need a succession plan and the group generally agreed
  2. Financials
    1. Tom G. noted that if one Member has a concern, it is likely that there are others with the same concern
    2. Jason G. indicated that the new accounting software has been up and running
      1. Invoices can be sent to some Members immediately
      2. Jason G added he was going to do the first batch today but we're dealing with this issue now instead
    3. Tom G. suggested that Jason G. delegate:
      1. Have someone else handle day-to-day tasks
      2. Jason G. to focus on getting the new system running
      3. Jason G. and Brant disagreed with Tom since we're so close to completion
    4. Jason G. and Brant noted the Board's progress with entering data on Tuesday night, 11/20/2012
  3. Communication
    1. Brant expressed concerns about the spread of misinformation and rumors
    2. Pete said he (and likely others) ran for the Board because we care about the Makerspace
      1. He believes a small group can act on behalf of the membership and still meet their expectations
      2. Pete noted we used to trust Royce and Tom when they ran the space
      3. Pete wants more trust and constructive feedback, maybe we should illicit feedback only, not unending debate
    3. Things are in flux, life will be tough for the next few months
    4. A protocol for speaking to the Membership is needed, board reports needed at weekly meetings
    5. Tom suggested we have one Board Member responsible for addressing the Membership, Royce strongly agreed
    6. How do we make decisions? How do we get feedback? Some options include:
      1. Moderated discussions on a mailing list i.e. each post needs to be approved
        1. Difficult for a moderator to be objective enough for everyone involved
        2. We do not want people to feel censored
      2. Perhaps ask Members to respond directly to the one Board Member
        1. Members would not be able to see what fellow Members had said
        2. We could have someone add each individual comment to the wiki or a list to share with Members
        3. That would solve the censorship issue
      3. State clearly when we are in an “information gathering mode” with Board questions to Members
        1. Hopefully avoid lengthy and/or unproductive discussions
        2. Get accurate feedback quicker
    7. The Board needs to address inaccuracies in Rich's email, squash rumors
      1. Accounting software has been up and running
        1. All new members are entered into it, two new members were entered this week
        2. All current members are entered into it also and invoices are being created
      2. The Board never said we couldn't pay the rent
      3. The Board is not moving toward the Artisan's Asylum style model i.e. everything being pay-per-use
  4. Nominations for an Acting President
    1. Names were suggested for nomination including Kevin and
    2. Brant was nominated by Tom, others agreed
  5. Misc.
    1. It was noted at the end of the meeting Tom G. plans to have the floors sanded and sealed
    2. MMS and the landlord plan to split the costs 50/50
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