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Meeting Agenda for November 20, 2012

Vital Statistics

  • 29 attendees
    • Two guests from Door County Dog Sled Group, a 501c3
    • Adam, Brant, Jason G, Jason H, Rich, Pete, Kevin (all Board members)
    • 6 other guests
    • One sled dog (our first canine guest!)
  • Meeting began at 6:59, adjourned at 8:13


  • Guest introductions
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Door County Dog Sled Group
    • History with county parks, success giving rides
    • Education and promotion campaigns
    • 12 dogs, 35 volunteers (Tim B. is one)
    • 501c3 status applied for two years ago, just granted
    • Facebook page online now, online store via not yet up
    • Needs a volunteer to help with online store and Twitter, one day of work
    • Website is out of date, managed by Bonnie's son in NY
    • Gift certificates offered in exchange for help
  • Non-profit Status and Space Federation, presented by James Carlson
    • James discussed history of Space Federation and purpose, experience
    • Formed a group to share non-profit status
    • Six things SF does:
      • Leadership
      • Community development, monthly video conference
      • Technology, free rack space and Open Atrium software
      • Advocacy, talk to city and local governments, authorities
      • Taxes, donations, receipts, write-offs
      • Grant and fund development, raising money
    • Costs, 10% of cash donations
    • Different “flavors” of 501c3
      • National vs. local scout groups cited as an example
      • Group exemption vs. what SF has been doing successfully thus far
    • Rich explained example of Rolling Thunder and veteran discounts
    • Can we lose our nonprofit status if SF loses it?
      • Yes, but the liability is unlikely to cascade upward, authorization not granted
    • How do you ensure groups use the money the way they promise?
      • James explained difference of restricted and unrestricted funds
    • Has anyone ever left or used 30 day pull out?
      • No, and some groups don't even use it
      • Only involved when we get donations and people want receipts
      • No initial costs from SF, Jason did say we may need to pay some penalties should we need to dissolve the LLC
    • Email and message board discussions
      • Identify when private conversations will be more productive than public
  • Reminder: Holiday Make-A-Thon is on Friday, November 23rd at Bucketworks. (Pete, Rich, and Brant are planning to attend. Anyone else?)
  • Update on Lenox
    • Roof is a bigger job than expected, but is going well
    • Investments asked for again
    • Heating system in place, plumbing underway, electrical soon
    • Forklift coming soon
    • Hoping to move things December 1 still, but may slide
    • Cleaning and and ceiling tile replacement, need help this weekend
  • Membership Software
    • All new sign ups will be done in new info
    • Jason made a plea for contact info again
    • Invoices coming soon
    • Not yet integrated with access control system yet, will lock you out eventually
    • Will have a data entry party tonight
  • Dumpster service
    • Brant waiting to hear back from Veolia, will call again
    • See mailing list for more discussion
  • Carts and storage
    • Being discussed still, but members planning to build their carts eventually
    • Vaults still being priced, demand may be high
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