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Meeting Agenda for November 13, 2012

Vital Stats

  • 19 members, 6 of which were Board Members, no guests
  • Meeting began at 7:00, adjourned at 7:58


  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members (skip the whole “what you are into” part, just talk about projects!)
  • ReCap of Last Thursday's Aluminum Pour: Bring your newly cast Aluminum objects!
  • There will be an aluminum pour this Thursday too!
  • Donated Scopes!
  • Volunteers for the Holiday Make-A-Thon happening Black Friday at Bucketworks
  • Update on Lenox:
    • Entry system
    • Construction of (noise proof?) walls for woodshop
    • Heating system installation
      • Five units installed, being piped up now
    • Occupancy permit / inspection date
      • Planners have seen plans
      • Inspections still needed, arranged by builders
      • Electrical will be done by us, separate from rest of buildout
    • Roof maintenance status & dates
      • roofers starting Thursday, should be done in one week
      • will taper the roof insulation
      • Complete tear off, down to the steel
    • Leveling the floors and ramps for ADA compliance
    • New restroom to be created
    • Doors being added, including overhead door now
    • Tom has a new 30“ vent fan for Room B, southeast door by vaults will become operable window
    • Projected Move in duration and dates, so members can plan ahead
      • Likely move in by end of this month
  • Note: Board Meeting will be at Lenox Thurs at 7pm - members are welcome to attend. (Yes, it conflicts with the Aluminum Pour.)
  • Data Entry Party being planned for next Wednesday to help finish membership software and billing software
  • Jason G. mentioned CEO of TechShop in Chicago tomorrow, might open a space in Chicago
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